Interview with top five (mostly)

Here is a an interview with the top five players as of 25th of Feb 2008 apart from Mike Flips, who is being a good boy and revising for exams ;), and Laser, who has died. PMD is obviously still in exam mode, as he writes long essays ungin Point, Evidence Explain! Full marks, grade A! Here we go:

We’ve got Mike’s results now! Enjoy!

What is your real name and what do you do for a job?

  • Mike Flips: Michael Sheps. Work? Whats that?
  • Kristopher: My real name is in my email address. You can Google “Kristopher Windsor” for this info; there are ~800 results for me now.
  • Shane: Shane, BoD’er.
  • PMD: Patrick Daniels – Sales Engineer/Sales Engineer Manager at a Software Company (LANDesk).

How much do you play Bike or Die?

  • Mike Flips: Here and there when I get a chance. My trick is I restart every time something goes slightly wrong in a run. This means that when I actually finish a run, it usually is a top 10 time.
  • Kristopher: Does it count as playing if I can’t reclaim Like a Glove? In that case, I need to play more. BTW, I am _tied_ with Vega on that level now.
  • Shane: Probably too much but I don?t play it every day (for my sanity). On the days I play, its somewhere around an hour.
  • PMD: I play about 15-20 minutes a day. Slow and steady wins the race.

How long have you been playing Bike or Die for?

  • Mike Flips: About a month before my first submission. (first submission: March 2006 according to his profile)
  • Kristopher: This was actually one of the first games I installed when I got my Zire 72s for Christmas in 2004, although I didn’t play too much until about six months later.
  • Shane: Almost 2 years.
  • PMD: I somehow stumbled on to Bike or Die the first week I had my Palm Treo 650 back in July of 2005 when I was trying to find something else to do with the phone. I submitted my first game on July 16, 2005.

What is the sillyest place you have ever played Bike or Die?

  • Mike Flips: I’m not going to lie, but a lot of my medals were achieved on the toilet
  • Kristopher: The Palms have been places! This includes India and several theme parks!
  • Shane: On a T|E2
  • PMD: Probably while relaxing at the beach. It is the perfect game for those times I am waiting 5 minutes at the doctor or dentist, or for those time when I am on an airplane and have no Internet access.

How many different palms have you played Bike or Die on, and which one do you have now?

  • Mike Flips: Treo 600 = old palm, Treo 650 = current
  • Kristopher: R.I.P. Zire 72s. I don’t really use the Fossile Wrist PDA much, so I just play on the Tapwave Zodiac and T3.
  • Shane: 3 devices – T|E , T|E2 (2nd-hand pile of ****) and I’ve played on a Treo 680 for over a year now.
  • PMD: I pretty much have only played it on my Treo 650. I have loaded it on other people’s Palms and even loaded it on my old Palm V and on a Treo 700w with a Palm emulator, but as far as playing it, the Treo 650 is it. My Treo buttons are completely worn through. The paint is gone. I have replaced the LCD myself twice and the case once. It is amazing to me that it still works.

What are your prospects for catching players ahead of you?

  • Mike Flips: I guess I don’t have to answer this one (sorry I just sent everyone the same questions, hehe)
  • Kristopher: I think I’ll take a break soon and come back in five or ten years.
  • Shane: None – Mike is miles away and Kris will have a big stash of games saved up somewhere
  • PMD: Mike Flips (1,516 points behind) – I will never catch him unless he decides not to play a new pack with 15 levels in it. Kristopher (66 points behind) – I think I will always stay close to Kristopher and may pass him for a moment in time, but he tends to save up a bunch of games and submits them all at once. If I passed him, I am certain he would submit shortly. Shane (13 points behind) – Shane and I seem to play about the same amount and we go back and forth between 3rd and 4th. I see that trend continuing.

Are you worried about players below you?

  • Mike Flips: Hows the view from down there I’m pretty safe for now, but that could change. As long as people don’t take my golds, come as close as you want . Take my golds and it is another story.
  • Kristopher: No, they are my loyal subjects.
  • Shane: No, help yourselves
  • PMD: Not really all that worried about the players below since the next closest is Laser at 1,249 points behind. Once you get to this point, it gets much harder to pick up huge chunks of points.

What are the best and the worst levels in the Standard levels?

  • Mike Flips: I think they are all great, each has it’s own unique trick that makes it fun to play.
  • Kristopher: Vanilla Sky and Downhill Madness. I think I agree with Gus on both of those levels.
  • Shane: What are the best and the worst levels in the Standard levels? Lots of good levels in Standard – probably ?Double Sprint? just shades it. Worst is definitely RSP2
  • PMD: What are the best and the worst levels in the Standard levels? The Standard Levels are the measurement I am most proud of, since every person that has ever played the game has most likely played the Standard Levels. Best Level – Vertical Avenue (because I currently have Gold, developed a new trick on it, and worked the hardest to get it). Worst Level – Jurassic Parking (seems to be the hardest to get a consistent flow on. You depend on some lucky bounces for it to go right).

Last words:

  • Mike Flips: None!
  • Kristopher: Pi is subject to my awesome and superior function, the cosine! Mwa haa haa!!…
  • Shane: Happy Biking!
  • PMD: None!

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The quicksand effect – Buggy ground!

Remember e few posts ago I talked about gritty ground? Well I experimented with making the zigzags REALLY tiny and a perculiar thing happened! The bike fell through the ground! Now I’m guessing that this is because the game engine can’t handle all of the different points on the zigzag,. mbu this could be used to make some quite interesting levels?

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Nerdios Further Levels – Released!

Check out the brand new level pack and get a chance to play Multislope!

Nerdio’s Further Levels


A levelpack by

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Nerdio’s further Levels – Multislope

Nerdio’s Further Levels continues development with it’s latest epic addition: Level 18, Multislope:


Click for a bigger image!

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Extra particle effects – how to make ground gritty!

It is impossible to deny that particle effects are absolutely awesome! Bike or Die has particle effects built in but they always seem to be not quite as prominent as they could be. If you want to create ground that makes extra particle effects you have to put in a bit of extra effort. Zoom in on the part of the line you want to put particle effects on, and draw a zigzag through it. Make sure that the zigzag is not very big, so that in normal zoom, it just looks like a bit of a jagged line, with messy pixels. In game this will chuck up huge amounts of particles and it also changes the friction slighly too. Experiment with different types of zigzag for different results. I am hoping that Sz will document the level file, and if he does, I want to make a program which will trun all of your lines into High Particle Effect lines.

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Anti-Aliasing for the masses – A beginner’s guide to Supersampling

Here is a simple run through of how supersampling – the simpest form of anti-aliasing – works, using screenshots of actual Bike or Die screens made with the PalmOS Cobalt Simulator.

We will use the high-res setting to create a 2x Supersampled low-res screen. First of all, we have two images, the high-es screenshot and the low-res screenshot. These are not quite the same because the simulator crashed when I tried to switch back into low-res mode. Low-res is on the left and high res is on the right.

lowres-noaa.pngHigh-res screenshot

No to produce a supersampled version of the low-res image, we take the high res image and shrink it by averaging each block of 4 pixels to prduce the next pixel. Most image editors do this, including MS Paint and Adobe Photoshop.

Here we have the supersampled version of the low-res game on the right, and the no supersampled version on the left. The supersampled version is bigger below so that you can see the anti-aliasing at work!

lowres-noaa.png lowres-ssaa.png


As you can see, despite this only being 2x SSAA the image looks much better than if there was none!


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