Extra particle effects – how to make ground gritty!

It is impossible to deny that particle effects are absolutely awesome! Bike or Die has particle effects built in but they always seem to be not quite as prominent as they could be. If you want to create ground that makes extra particle effects you have to put in a bit of extra effort. Zoom in on the part of the line you want to put particle effects on, and draw a zigzag through it. Make sure that the zigzag is not very big, so that in normal zoom, it just looks like a bit of a jagged line, with messy pixels. In game this will chuck up huge amounts of particles and it also changes the friction slighly too. Experiment with different types of zigzag for different results. I am hoping that Sz will document the level file, and if he does, I want to make a program which will trun all of your lines into High Particle Effect lines.


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